Gert-Jan van der Heiden: Philosophy of translations

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During the symposium we will explore, expand and adjust the limits of philosophy and the limitations we put up within our own thought. One of our subjects, for example, is language: What can and cannot be expressed in philosophy? Is philosophy constrained by language? And in what way do differences between languages contribute to philosophy?

In the text below Gert-Jan van der Heiden gives a short introduction of his lecture:

“The contemporary hermeneutic conception of translation derives from two different experiences of the foreign language, which we could term ‘the hermeneutic experience’ and ‘the experience of the foreign’. I want to discuss what these two experiences are, how they are present in the work of some of the contemporary hermeneutic thinkers and, if time allows, how they derive from German Romantic notions of translation. In particular, I will propose that (1) the hermeneutic experience focuses on the processes of formation, cultivation and expanding of one’s own experience of the world by means of translation, whereas (2) the experience of the foreign rather interprets translation as a form of hospitality that allows the linguistic body of the foreign language to appear in one’s own language.”

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